My assignment.html page for linking to assignment items described in Assignment and Report Specifications

This page is the marking guide to your website that your tutor will use to find your elements. Do not name this page anything other than assignment.html (all lower case) or else we may not be able to find and mark your assignment elements.  How to use this page:

1.0 Part 1 Tasks

1.2 Your Me and My Passion

Fabian's Website

Notes: My website is a portfolio about myself and my work.

1.3 CSS

CSS used for Fabian's website
CSS used for sources

Notes: Two separate CSS files. Lot's of CSS.

1.4 Site Map

sitemap for Fabian's Website

Notes: Sitemap is in the footer of the website.

1.5 Source Log


Notes: Image sources and inspiration sources.

1.6 Feedback Form

Contact form for Fabian's Website

Notes: Not working, needs some Javascript. Did not want to publish my email to the web.

1.7 This Assessment Page

Assessment Page


1.8 Student Forum Participation

2.0 Part 2 Tasks

2.1 Image Map

Image Map in my travel page

Notes: Links lead to the people's facebook pages.

2.2 Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery with my favorite pictures I took during my Easter trip

Notes: Changed initial CSS of the gallery so it blends better in with the website's white background. Click the "i" for the caption.

2.3 Storyboard for Video

Storyboard for the whole trip / video

Notes: Since creating a fixed storyboard for a road trip is quite hard I made it just more like a guide to refer to

2.4 Video

I know the video is a bit long. If it's too long for you just watch the first 5min. I had to go trough 3 weeks of pictures and movies for this clip.

2.5 Student Forum Participation

3.0 Part 3 Tasks

3.1 Reflections

About my website - website

3.2 Alternative CSS

Alternative CSS for main page

Notes: Press "Dark Mode" button on the top right under the hero image

3.3 Social Networking Button(s)

Social Media Buttons

Notes: Social media, especially Facebook (Instagram) track users on your page if you include their provided buttons in your website (proof).
I respect the privacy of my page's visitors and therefore will not include such malicious tracking behavior in my site.

3.4 Social Networking Feed(s)

Feed about latest Chuck Norris News

Notes: Part of "Something Original".

3.5 CSS and HTML Validation

Validation Report


3.6 Something Original

Daily Chuck Norris

Notes: This site is meant to be an Easter Egg, which can be reached by clicking on "Copyright Fabian Hoeltke" on the Main Page.
It uses a HTTP-GET request to provide you the best and newest facts about Chuck Norris. Because why not?


Continuous Improvement Session



SONA Report